Friday, 24 October 2014

Leaving Husband

So there's one night when i request to him, i wanted to go back to hometown myself. Like i usually do before i get married. Haha. I could see his thinking face, whether or not to let me go. But after i convinced him, he finally said yes! I love you, H!

Mannn, its kinda emotional when you wanna leave your husband after about 3 months being sooo clingy with him. Haha i went a bit teary, to leave H living on his own, surviving his 5 nights without me. Gahaha. I tell him to eat well, sleep well, eat well etc etc. I asked him whenever i call please dont tell me you havent had your meal, you're starving and anythings similar to makes me wanna run back to KL on the spot. Ahh, good wife i think. Haha *pat on my back*

I had a good day in hometown, keeping my stomach full but at the same time i wonder if he feels good as me, so i kept calling him many times a day. Annoying much? Hmm until i felt i m only the one missing him, i stop doing that. And he called me. Hehe =) *jumping with joy* I just cant wait to be back in KL and snoring out loud besides him.

There's one night i called him and he said he was hungry but too lazy to go out for food. Gahh. Why you tell me that? I asked him if we still had anything left in the refrigerator, and he said nothing left, we only got sayur. Hahahha. I've filled up refrigerator with crab fillet, fries and bottles of water to keep his tummy happy but now only got sayur? So i remember we got flour, anchovies and i suggest him to make jemput jemput. Bahaha. So there's my husband, putting his chef cap on and quickly said bye bye to me on the phone, to start making his jemput jemput. Hahhaha. Not to show you guys la his jemput jemput. Bahahaha.

So today, i m back in KL, cuddling with him on the bed. He dont sleep in our room until i come back ok, must not tahan missing me la tu! Hahha. I love you sayang, promise i wont leave you lama lama lagi! Love =)

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