Monday, 19 May 2014

24 hours in Terengganu

Last Saturday, we were on our road trip back to the hometown-Terengganu. Balik saje.

Supposedly, I was not invited as he told me 'satu hari jeee, tdo bangun makan dah Ahad'. Pfftt. And I took that as 'he don't wanna take me together, maybe he pick up another women to accompany him' sobs. Haha, okay I kid you. Once he said that, I was quite dissapointed, so I my drama queen character turns in.

'It's okay, if you don't wanna bring me along, i'll be going to Johor". His eyes wide open, as if he don't believe that I have so many ugutan thats for sure and I smashed his pintu kereta, leaving him inside wondering 'why I have to deal with this girl'. Bahahaha.

The next morning, soon as I step into the car, he uttered this 'We're going back together, no excuse. For what reasons you'll be going to Johor..bla bla bla' and I left him talking to himself while I was smiling from ear to ear. That's it! Yayy.

Saturday came, and we shoot off to Terengganu at 1:30pm. Come on, he's working on Saturday, and the reason we're heading to Terengganu is to send his father's car home. His Abah drove here to attend courses and flew back to Terengganu and his son and pretty daughter in law have to send the car back to the owner. Tehee. I just love to be with him in the car and I guess he's not. Otherwise he must be really happy to take me with him from the first time. Sigh.

Home after Maghrib, and then it's family time. Wehhoo. Makan, chit chat and etc. I woke up the next morning, enjoying every single minutes at home. Nak tido lama lama pun sayang. Better wake up and eat and chat. Bahaha. Before Maghrib on Sunday, my family send me to Fiances' house, to have a gathering before we left for KL again. Sobs.

A 24hours well spent, Alhamdulillah :) Sekejapnya balikk. Lahhai :(

#Excuse my floral theme, I borrowed my kakak's shirt since I balik sehelai sepinggang. Hahah

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