Saturday, 5 April 2014

What's Girlfriends Are For

So I have this 12 naughty girlfriends group including me on whatsapp. Each and everyone of us have our very own life. Some of us are working, earning quite a lot, some of us still chasing for the assignments to be done and some of us have our own biz. Phew. Sounds so interesting huh?

Everyday, err I mean every minutes we keep in touch with each other, thanking Whatsapp for this opportunity to make us stay connected. Hahah. We discuss about all things, no limits no borders. Easier said, we are more to random things. Anything comes to mind, we create a topic to the group. From the MH370 issue, to the lingeries, and not to forget, the rumah tak bertangga issue. We are cute, aren't we? Haha

And you know what, as we are all from Terengganu, and some of us still living with the parents, having a nice lunch and dinner with family, mom's cooked you know. Ergh. I miss my ikan singgang and apu--that's how my niece refers to BUDU. Hihi. And and anddddddd girlfriends are mean enough to always put on the group what meal they had--mainly to lure us to come back to hometown.

So yes, today, they form a reunion group of four, buzzing each other in the group, like the other 8 of us not exist, planning to meet up at Pok Nong--the famous sotong celup tepung place in Terengganu. Am not joining them so much in the group today as they are so annoying ergh. Until one by one pics came up. Let them be. Sigh la u girlfriends. So whats friends a really for? Huwaaa.

What more can I say? I miss home, the smell of home. I miss Terengganu.

Girls, am leaving the group. Hate you guys lots. Bye.

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