Monday, 7 April 2014

Silly Me

Okay, so here is one funny story about me that i've never thought of doing this. Nope, nada, never. I have to admit we had kinda serious arguments last night haha. Because he's late of feeding me food! Such a food lover freak! Bahahaha. Guys, you know he promise me to take me out for food anytime except for this upcoming few months we decided to cut off a bit of our eating habit. Hewhew.

So the day before, which is on Saturday, I told him I would like to have 'steam-boating' with him after Asar on Sunday. So I thought we would be able to mingle somewhere before that but as I expected, he stayed at home, only texting me when its almost Asar. *cries* My stomach can no longer tolerate with my mind so I spit out silly words about how irresponsible he was. Am not telling you that i'm all depending on him, but come on, it's Sunday. Why are we staying home mehhh? I can have my own lunch if he inform me earlier that WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE TODAY EXCEPT AFTER ASAR.

So yesterday after Asar, he picked me up to have Nasi Beriani at Putrajaya, but who said am agreed with him? Nope. Hahahaha. Egoistic fianceé.

"Ayu (a restaurant) please"
"No, not there"
"I am not gonna eat anything except at Ayu's"

With a small sigh, and we're heading to Ayu which is a walking distance from my house. Hahaha.

So yesterday, we had such a peaceful dinner-neither one of us are talking. Hihihi. He don't wanna talk to me so I won't start. Thought of paying my own food but he paid for me. Hahaha. After dinner, he sent me home. Dah sampai depan rumah baru tanya, ada nak beli barang apa apa ke? Pffft. Of course my answer will be no even though i'm hoping to go somewhere to fixed what was wrong. Hmmm. I step out the car, climb the stairs to the 4th floor. At every floor, I stopped to see whether he left or not. Omg, up until 4th floor, his car was still there I wonder if he cried in the car. Thought of going down again but hmmm come on, i'm a tough girl. Hahaha. Please don't act like me, I know am wayyyy too egoistic. Pheww. And then he left, I rush to my room and not sure of what I did to him. My fault or his fault? Okay i'll consider OUR FAULT. Teheee.

And guess what? Am not working today. Hahaha. Because...... Well just because. I went to the clinic, get MC and hooray! Hahhahaha. I've never done this before, this is my first time! I dont know what is wrong with me. Hahaha. Oh ya, I made my fiancé go crazy too. He come to my apartment earlier today as I refused to go to work. From the balcony, I can see him talking to me by phone. I don't know whether to laugh or cry but I tamed my ego, talk to him nicely and asked him to go back to the office. Haha. Lunch, he brought me out to have Nasi Ayam Penyet and I guess we're now back to normal but am still teasing him of going back to Terengganu today, not this Friday as we promised. Hahaha.

I don't want to remember how silly I am, acting to get the MC. Duhh. Hahaha. I've never done this--getting fake MC beforeeeee!!!!! My first time in life. Hahah.


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