Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pasar Malam Kerinchi

Being so annoyingly him telling how good Nasi Kerabu is at Pasar Malam Kerinchi, finally Fiancé brought me there last night. Yippi ;) Another successful tactics. Hehe

I do miss Kerinchi, well to be exact I miss their all-way-to-the-lrt food stalls. I miss their Monday and Friday's Pasar Malam. Name it, you simply can't resist. *drools*

So yesterday in the office I whatsapp-ed Nunang. "You promise me about Pasar Malam Kerinchi". But his silence response makes me dissapointedly conclude that he doesn't really care about my cravings, he doesn't loves me. Hahaha. Hashtag silly fianceé. :)

Soon as I step into his car, he told me that he's hungry. I don't know where he's heading to but after we passed few of our favs food spot, I curiously asked him our destination. "Pasar Malam Kerinchi, as per you requested". Calm and clear, makes me wanna jump with joy! Haha. Yayy, greedy fianceé starts to do her what to buy list in mind. Nasi Kerabu opt Nasi Beriani, Laksa Kedah, Chocolate Chip ice blended and the list goes on. Haha. So now, who's hungry?

Patiently lined up in the traffic jammed, I tried to cheer him up. Psst, I dont like it when he stressed in traffic, ruins everything. So I make up stories, create nice environment inside the car while my heart can't wait to see the foods. Yummeh.

Arrived there, he lets me lead the way, to which stall I wanted to go. Bahaha. Straight away I went to the last stall, beside the soup stall where you can see a group of teenagers selling various nasi. I've tried every Nasi there, and I recommends all nasi! Hahah. Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kukus, Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Beriani. Most of the time, I got confused to choose Nasi Beriani or Nasi Kerabu. Both of them are my favs! I put on my Kelantanese dialects, to get their attentions hehe. And there we got our meal for the night, Nasi Kerabu for me and Nasi Beriani for him. He bought putu mayang, keropok, nuggets and jumbo hotdog, coconut shake for him and chocolate chip ice blended for me. We had a food fiesta in the car on our way home! Hahah

Rushing home as he got badminton session last night, but again we stucked in the jam, so I blame myself that he cannot make it. Haha, sorry dear I promise you we'll play together next time. Hihi.

All in all, I extremely happy because finally he brought me to visit Kerinchi. Hahah. Go try their delicious nasi, you won't be dissapointed. Counting days to the next visit to Kerinchi. Bhahaha. Now I know how much he loves me. Shall we have another delicious nasi this Friday despite the jam? ;)


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