Saturday, 22 March 2014


I don’t remember the last time I’m checking his phone. Well, is that one of the thing that should we (couples) do? For some people, I guess their answer will be yes but as for me, as long as he didn’t do anything curious, I guess I’ll choose to trust him. Lololol.

One sweet day, while he’s browsing through his Whatsapp, i put my eyes on his device too. Scanning any other ‘sayang’ or ‘darling’ whatsoever in his contact. Then my eyes catch one unique name, then I grab his handphone to see it clearly. And to my surprise, that ‘unique’ name has the same profile picture as me too!!

Well er, that’s really me! Curious about my name in his device? SEMEK. Unique enough? I am sooooo gonna explode! Why on earth is he calling me SEMEK???? Hahahaha. *cries*
So I asked him,

“Why Semek?”
“Sebab yang selalu suka merajuk tu kita namakan je Semek. Senang”
“Sampai hati”
“Hahahaha, hari tu pun kawan kita tegur siapa Semek? Sebab dia nampak phone kita. Hahahaha”

Seeeee? So I put on my pouting lips, taking out my phone and there I named him AWANG!
Hahaha. Semek loves Awang! A good match I guess! Hehehehe.

I remember the story told by Ustaz during our pre-wedding courses. He said, the first day the couples get married, husband will change his wife’s name as ‘My Lovely Wife’. Alolololo. Two years after the marriage, the name will be ‘My Wife’. But after five years, it will become ‘Bilik Gerakan’. OMG can you guys imaging how funny our husband will be? Hahaha. Bilik Gerakan is because wife will ask this and that to his husband. After 10 years, it becomes ‘Bukit Aman’. Wahahaha. I can’t stand laughing so sopan so I burst out. Because of a very details investigation by a wife to a husband, you named your wife ‘Bukit Aman’????


So funny meh. I just wanna see what he’ll be calling me! Hihi. 

ps: ada orang tu format laptop kite sampai buang semua photoscape kite etc etc. sedihh 

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