Monday, 16 December 2013

Legoland on January 2014

Somebody offers me free ticket to Legoland this coming January. Awwww, but meh I don't really interested. Whahahaha. Because, I know it is one of the many promises. --'

Too much negativity, is it? Sounds like he never fulfill his promises right? Oh well, he do but I've to keep reminding him and call myself--desperado. Hahahaha. If not, the promises will be just swept away by time. Pity me.

You know whatttt, when I said i'm afraid that my sawo matang skin will become darker if I join him to Legoland, he even mentions about the sunblock! Fiancé, you gotta be kidding! Haha. Never I have imagined he will care much about these such things. Bahahaha. Banana boat ya? Haha.

Okay la, since you suggest me using sunblock, guess I accept the offer la, but please dont let this little girl upset takleh g Legoland tau. End of the day, I dont really excited pun about that place. Ops. Tapi sebab free ticket, who doesn't want kannn. Hahaha.

So now where's my bracelet watch? Haha.


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