Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Everyone in a relationship will have to go through this--arguments. Well, we had one last night and up to this time, I haven't received any calls or even a single morning whatsapp from him. Sobs. I hope he's doing just fine, really. Oh ya, I do stalk his 'last seen' time on whatsapp and guessing 'oh he's already at the office' 'oh he's taking his lunch now' and this and that. Hehe. And b, please don't block me like what I did to you. Childish no? Sigh. -.-

We have been together, in a serious relationship almost 6 years and truth be told, I guess from that period, 4 years spend for the arguments. Funny, no? Okay my bad.

So hm, I know he's kinda person who hates arguments so much and well now who in the world can avoids it? Haha. I guess i'm the one who loves to pick fights. *guess he's nodding his head now while reading this* Fine, I know and I admit it. Huwaa. But sorry, I just cant control my emotions. You know girls. Hmmm.

Last night, he was all calm. He do gets pissed off everytime we had man-this-should-never-be-the-issue arguments. Got me? Like when he forgot to text me in the morning. Haha. I shouldn't have to drag that as the issue. Seriously, he was all calm last night. Talk to me softly, trying to put things back to normal. But what have I done to him? Talking like he went out for dinner with other girl. Am sorry, I just need you to be more concerns with me.

Tell you what, everytime we had arguments, when he says he's going out somewhere *thank god he tell me* all I can do is to pray, hoping he'll be safe and just fine. But last night, I guess he asleep after both of us finally got pissed off. Haha.

No matter how calm he was, how soft he talked to me, I stick to my ego. Sigh la this one. So stubborn. I know it's all my fault, but you were the one spoilt me so much. *still blaming him*

Can I just say that we have this a lots of arguments because I love you so much? Haha. But still, arguments is nice what? Haha. You'll received flowers, chocolates as to pujuk your partner--if you both were near to each other la kan.

So what about me? Huwaaaa. KL--Terengganu. Hmmm. Ok I shall wait him to whatsapp *am no longer blocking you btw hehe* or call me and pretends nothing happens between us. But I dont wanna start. Shy enough. Ops.

Pleaseeeee..gimme ring ring.


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