Sunday, 27 October 2013

Workaholic Fiancé.


Sobsob. Nunang that I know today is wayyyy different from his first day working, 3 years ago. Obviously yes, who gonna stay back at the office until 9pm on the first day right? Gotta say his first year’s working. Hehe.

2 years ago, while he still in the corporate team, I guess his work is more relaxing. Err, not to mention the time he get stress to create new designs and at the same time to cuddle me. Haha. Proud of his achievement so far, I can see a lot of changes in him. He is now highly discipline person, responsible, punctual and he is now a morning person! Omg, it was so hard to wake him up in the morning before but right now, I should be the one hiding behind the tree. *slapface*

Now that he has move to the new department, which is for him is more challenging, he manage to come home everyday at 8pm even though his working hour is until 5.30pm and get his sleep at 9pm. Now who wanna slap him? Hahaha. Blame him for putting me in fire. Tell you ya, he is sooooo busy which is he only SOMETIMES call me during lunch hour and ‘good morning’ whatsapp greet to tell me that he is ready to start working. Other than that it will be on his way home after work. Or if we had arguments, he calls me quite often. *That’s why I love to pick fights, haha*

When I sometimes cannot tahan missing him, I called him and begging him, ‘one minute pleaseee I wanna tell you I miss you’ and there he go ‘okayy, I’m in the meeting, miss you too’. Okay, not that busy la, but sometimes yes he whisper to me when I call him while he is in the meeting. Sigh la this one, so busy.

I don’t ask him to work so hard because I need this and that because I never requested him a thing unless he asked me. Haha. I don’t ask him like to marry me now, NOW! So why bother to work so hard? There’s a few times in a month, he stay back until 3 am* to ensure his job done. Now what? Don’t tell me you do part time job, baby. When I ask him, he answers me, ‘It’s my responsibilities sayang, I have to’.  So, he shouldn’t have got mad because I’m on SILENT mode for two days. Hahaha.

Once I ask him,

“You love your job?”
“Definitely yes la sayang

Now I guess he can’t choose either to love me or his job. Huwaaaaa.


*Haha, actually only one time he stays back until 3 am but well stories should be bit dramatic right? Hehe :)

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