Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Turning 23!


Time really flies. All praises to the Almighty that am able to breathe healthily up till now. Alhamdulillah. So yeah, 9 September was my birthday, thanks for all the well wishes. Err not to forget wishes from things I subscribe with—Celcom, Jobstreet, Watson, Aeon etc. They really know how to celebrate their customers with bonuses, coupons, vouchers etc. No worries, I’ll pay u guys a visit! Haha.

Few days before 9 September, Man keep asking me what I want for my birthday.

“So baby, anything you wish for your birthday? Tell me”

I was going AMAIGADDDD he seems so generous. So what do I need? Come on brain, tell me what you want him to give you. My brain really collaborated with me as I come up with a list of everything I want. Haha. Cake, birthday dinner, surprise trip, necklace, GOLD, haahaa and the list goes on. And as I finalized what I really want, I called him.

“So urmmm, I don’t think I want anything as you just gave me that Coach a month ago and you had just invest for what I want, a week ago. Just keep your money for something more important”
AMAIGADDDD that’s really not what I want. Pftttt. My hearts really don’t collaborate with my brain. Why ar? I just missed the chances! *cries*

The result is, I really got nothing from him for my birthday this year. Baby, why so ikut kata sangat?
So after 9 September, I keep telling him what other people did for their love on birthday. He just gave me YOU-DON’T-WANT-IT-WHY-NOW-YOU-KEEP-MENTIONING-IT reaction.

“Err, can’t it be just an ice-cream cake worth RM30 pleasee? Haha”

Well err, a day after my birthday, we went to the AEON Cheras to redeem my birthday coupons. And there is where I get my birthday present. He paid for my bras! Oops. He was away while I was busy picking ‘them’. But when I stand at the cashier, there he comes, giving me money.

“Use this” *with an attempt to go away from me quickly*
“No laaaaa, malu. This is mine. I’ll pay”
“Just take it” *went away*

So can I consider it my birthday present? HAHA

Ok, fine. Bye.

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