Monday, 22 July 2013

Hello from the hospital bed!


So yeah, blogging from the hospital bed is a lot of fun! Haha, am not the one admitted, my sister was, due to appendicitis. Mom ask me to look after her. Sure mom. *rolling eyes*

Right now I had my body aching everywhere and I could not sleep while my sister is snorimg out loud. Haha, okay I lie. Mann.. She's sick, she wake up every hour. Haihh.. Poor her.

My job is to monitor whether there is any mosquitoes around, watching for the water drip, and hoping for the handsome young doctor to come. Wiwiwi. *haha and tomorrow I will received a call from a fiancee asking whether is there any mentioned doctor. Bhahaha. Insert jealousy tone here*

Okay back to my sister, when the doctor ask her level of pain, my sister said it was 6! Gahh, why dont you said it's 10 already so that they can push you quickly to the operation room? Nahh and now we have to wait for the operation tomorrow. For how long you think you want to stay here? Haha. *mean sister*
Truth be told, this is my first time check-in into the hospital, err to have my night spent here. Thought it will be when I wanna push my first baby out. Lol.

I hate seeing my loved one's sick. Its heart breaking. Lying helplessly in the bed, with a pale face complete with nice hospital uniform. Hmm well it just hmm. No words. So am hoping for my sister fast recovery! Insha Allah.

So I got to think what will I have for sahur tonight, haha and I think it will be roti for my sister since she had to fast for tomorrow's operation. Hehehe. Nice!

Hew, I miss my pillows already. Am sure they miss me too. Bhahaha. Okay, got to catch some mosquitoes trying to have their meals now. Bye!

PS: Get well soon, dik.

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