Wednesday, 3 July 2013

COACH with Love

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I’m eager to blog this. Really, will make full use of this short break. Phew!
Yesterday my fiancée had a problem regarding the ATM machine where he withdraw some amount of money, later then the money were not coming out but the balances were deducted! Scary meh? Poor him. So today is kinda his no-mood-day la. *Goshh, it is money!* Kalau aku dah nangis termenung camne nak dapat balik duit tu. Will blog about this after the feedback from the bank.

Since I thought it was not a good day for him, so I try to treat him nicely, with nice words, to keep him calm. The thing is.. this late evening, he called me:

Him: How far Dataran Pahlawan from your place?
Me: About 10 minutes?
Him: Is it convenient for you to go there?
Me: Why ar? How do I go there? I don’t have a car. Haha. But why?
Him: I bought something from the seller in Malacca. So do you mind to take it on behalf of me? I’ll bank in some money for that.
Me: What is it?
Him: My thing, you just meet the seller, check them and make payment. Okay?

So after short discussion with him, he asked the seller to send that ‘thing’ to Maybank, near to where I stay.

There I go, walked calmly to the bank, withdraw that some amount of money given by him and calmly wait outside the bank. “This must be a gadget or maybe a new watch he mention before” I thought. Goshh, this guy doesn’t seem so worried after the trouble he had yesterday where today he willing to withdraw another amount of them for something. Ugh. *geleng kepala* Dasar gila gadget, bhahahaha.

After 15 minutes of waiting, I got a phone call from the seller. Eager to know what his ‘thing’ is, I walk quickly to the Black Hyundai Sonata. A cute Chinese lady came out from the car holding a white box in her hand.

“nahhh.. what is it? An Ipad?” still guessing dalam hati.

When I came nearer, I can see the the logo/brand at the edge of the box. Tell you what, am quite familiar with the logos and the brands. When I saw that logo, I know it is for me!

 I felt like my fiancée is totally crazy! Am not gonna pay for that with the money in my hand. Uwaaaa, too much for this, I can’t imagine if it was my money! I called him, not sure whether to laugh or to cry. He asked me to check on the item, the receipt, everything. And then PAY!

He just laughed when I asked him why waste your money for this? He said he promised to get me one, so this is it. I do request him for a new purse, but this is really beyond my expectation! Haha. He said that it is a Good Luck gift for my presentations. *feeling motivated*

I cried because I don’t think I deserve this. Could you please top-up its contents too sayang? Haha. He asked me to take that as present. I think, if I don’t know the price, I’ll be okay. Because I think if I have my money, I don’t wanna spend that amount for just a purse. Haha. For me a purse is JUST a purse. Because most of the time, I prefer to put everything-money, IC in my pockets! Haha.

Anyway, this is a real SURPRISE for me and thanks a lot sayang! Uwaaa. *cries a river*

Notes: He sure has a good taste. Pergh. *DIE* 
not sure whether to frame it or use it. haha


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