Monday, 10 June 2013

They game me eh?


Last Friday, we need to pack every stuff because we will have our department to be renovated during weekends. So today, went to the office excitedly, eager to see some changes to our CM department. Yayy.

As soon as I open the door, I could see everything YELLOW err MUSTARD colour which is sooo bright okay! Everybody seems very excited, some of them were busy unpack their things once they get their new work station.

Me? Since I am an intern, let’s just watch their reaction while waiting for any work station available after everybody is seated at their place. I can see the IT people installing my pc at one corner, so there I sit. Far away from my team. I cannot have my sister meroyan besides me anymore, couldn’t hear their jokes. *sigh*

 But still, I get to move around to their place, pay them a visit, laughing with them before I get back to my place. “Come la, sit with us. Minggu ni je kan, meh duk sini”. Haha. Though we can still see each other, but we cannot gossip-ing anymore. Tell you what, now I know that I love my team!

I walk around to get my box, till I heard someone call me.

“Where’s  Hannan? Hannan?”
“Come here”

There’s few other people around us, watching our conversation.

*pull RM50 note from wallet, give it to me*

“Get something for yourself, nahh”

I was clueless!
Other people around us smiling widely while one of them says something like this:

“Hannan, this will be the most memorable time during your internship”

Again I had nothing to say, standing still in front of him.

“Take this; now get something for yourself, as a reward of helping me. Err, can I have Hazelnut Hot Chocolate? Go enjoy yourself”.

Pfttt. So I went to Starbucks, get him what he wants and I order Java Chips for me. To be honest, there’s only one or two times I help him. Before this while we are busy packing our stuff, one of his colleague ask me to call him (he was on leave that day) semata mata to let me ask for this guy’s password. I think they game me  laaaa. Hahaha.

What’s wrong with them ar? Why that guy urut dada masa nak cakap dengan I while people around us terkekek kekek gelak like there’s something they hide from me. Anyonyonyo. Nak kata gelak sebab aku pakai lipstik comot, rasanya aku tak pakai lipstik kot! haha.

Whatever it is, this week will be the last week for my internship. Phew. Can’t wait but I can feel that I will miss everyone of them. Terribly much!


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