Saturday, 8 June 2013

Spotting my own weaknesses


Haha, thinking of what my habang and ahkak said, ya I notice that I went so over board. Putting aside my status, (someone's fiancee) I simply do things that I NOW thinks I should't have done that. Oh boyy, what's on earth am I up to? What if he done that to me? Hahaha. Well said, I should be more concerns about his feelings, his heart of course.

Phew. It's now time to change, but as long as he don't know what am I doing, how I behave, then it should be okay la kan? No??

Ok no. I'll change, but maybe after I get the 'wifey' status. Bhahaha. No kidding Hannan, what goes around comes around.

All right then, okay. :)

Dear fiancee, no matter how flirty I am, how 'friendly' I am, you are the one and only in my heart. Mual enough? Sila muntah. Haha.

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