Saturday, 29 June 2013

Home again!

Hallu from Terengganu!

Umi seems so excited to have me everyday with her. Guess I dont have to work la like this! Anyonyo. Home again right now is also because of her!

I was supposed to go back to KL/Malacca after my cousins wedding in Muadzam Shah today. When I tell umi that i'm going straight away to KL, she gave me the best answer. SILENCE. Goshh, I know how my mom acts when she does not agree to something. Haha. Okla, I surrender because I love her more than my report. Pffftt.  Not to mention my tergendala report plus unknown presentation date. Sigh. Ps: i've blocked few friends yg beriya post kat any social networks claiming "Done for VIVA!!". Me sick of it. Pfttt. Bhahhaha, sorry guys but I promise its temporary.

Guess I have I a nice weekend this week since I start travel from Friday (Malacca-Segamat-Muadzam-Gambang-Terengganu) and tomorrow night (maybe) will be shoot off to KL again! Good huh? So I guess I should go to lala land now, need to recharge fully before tomorrow's journey!

Bye peeps!

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