Sunday, 16 June 2013

Berakhirnya Sebuah Perjalanan


By the time I’m writing this, I caught myself kind of emotional. Phew. Recap session of four months ++ internship at World #13 strongest bank. Phew.

Seriously, from the very beginning I’m quite scared that I know I will spend my 4 months in one of the well established bank in Malaysia. I got no choice, haha. The first time I step into this place, my heart skips a beat. I was all impressed by everything. Environment, people, err not to mention big cars, (OMG I love big cars, name it, BMW, Mercedes,Audi, Jaguar) When I saw a lady driving an Audi, my hearts screaming, “am gonna be like her too, one day”. An inspiration, motivation.

Truth be told, I’ve learnt a lot. Alhamdulillah. I helps myself to build confidence, handle pressure, motivation and so much more. As usual, I’ve never been late to the office. I’ll be there 15-20 minutes before, everyday. Except for one day when I reached office at 8.45 sharp due to the train problems. Haha.

One of the colleagues says:

“ Now that you’re an intern, people (colleagues) will be so kind to you because your presence doesn’t affect them. Either you’re in or out, they would not feel affected. But once you’re really working, you will know the politics in career. You’ll see so many talam dua muka. Just take care, wherever you go, I’ll pray for your success.”

They are really kind, sweet, and helpful and 4 months being with them is such a precious experience in my life.

I surely miss everything there, my kakaks, my team, my intern friends, the foods there, the big cars. Hahhaha. Maybe one day, I’ll be returning there, who knows? Haha, but I forgot to drop my resume la. LOL.


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