Monday, 22 April 2013

Don't Break My Heart


I caught him wassap-ing with a girl. Whoa, he becomes cleverer day by day. Good enough. *clap* It’s okay actually, me also flirting sometimes. Haha. What makes me sad is when he asks that ‘girlfriend’ to buy him cigarette. Hmmmm.

“Which Winston, red or white?”
“Buy red one”

Amboii. So I asked him:

“You smoke?”
“Habis tu kenapa pesan rokok kat gf you tu?”
“Biasa je, macam sebelum ni (social smoker). Bila tension, I’ll get one. Tu buat spare atas meja je”.

Really? Hm, just hmm. I really don’t believe him, spare konon. Haih. I know him as a non-smoker.  Then I noticed he become a social smoker, influenced by his friends. What to say? Me, myself being surrounded by smokers, my dad, uncles and even my brother. What makes me disappointed is he started as non-smoker, now why choose to smoke? No wonder la there’s one time he asked me:

“Can I be a full-time smoker?”

Hmm. Now he did it, and now I could feel that he breaks my heart. Dear you, even if you don’t love your heart, please take care of my heart. Haissh.

Why am I upset? Because once he becomes the cigarette’s friend, he will find it hard to stop. That’s why it is a big deal to me. Haissh again. People nowadays were struggling to quit smoking, but why you go for it, why?

I’m sooooo UPSET. because. he. is. now. a. smoker.

So non-smokers, stay out, don't try out!



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