Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Gemok vs Gemuk



Bam bam & Gemok

Everybody around me were so busy, sitting at their own pc, staring deeply the like they wanna eat them! Hahha. Me? Well at this time, I’m so free but i wanna be seen as busy as them too, haha. So I write this. Sebab dah goyang kaki sangat ni mesti lepas ni kena buat kerja kaw kaw gitu. Yeah, am a bit sleepy too. 

Yay! I had my lunch! I wrote the first paragraph in the morning until I stuck as I don’t have much idea, so I continue acting until lunch. Now I’m back at the desk, still thinking of what am I going to do. *sigh*

Oh yeah, guess what people call me here? Hihi, they call me ‘adik’. Told ya, the manja character that forces them to call me ‘adik’. Haha. I know that they remember my name, as sometimes, they do call me by name. Muahahaha. 

On the other hand, ni tak sedap sikit..there are two of my intern friends that call me ‘GEMOK’. Foiiineee. Well I guess they like me. *wink* It started when i wore fit baju kurung and they said to me “Ko nampak berisi la pakai baju ni”. I wonder where they are looking at. Haha. Starting that, they call me ‘GEMOK’. Okayla, GEMOK pun GEMOK la. Ai is ngaku. 

Another friend tease me, but in a more diplomatic way, “don’t drink ice, its menggemukkan” “no, jgn makan ni, gemuk nanti” and I was like. “urghh..everything cannot ar? I olready gemok lol..jgn kacau ai nak makan apa, minum apa..urgghhhh” and my friend burst into laughter. “HAHAHAHA, down ke kalau orang cakap gemok? HAHAHA” My answer, “tak suka, memang ai tau ai gemokk”. And my friend continues laughing like crazy. Heh.

I love to spell GEMOK, instead of GEMUK coz I think when it is GEMUK, I feel like that word is for biri-biri je. Biri-biri yang gemukk! Nayyy! Me GEMOK, bukan GEMUK. Haha.



ok bye :)

p/s:td ada birthday party kat office, celebrating first quarter (Jan, Feb & Mac) babies. Haha, they are all baby boomers and Gen X. 

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