Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Blissful Weekend


I had a blessed weekend at home-where the heart is. It’s been a month since I left home, no wonder mommy keeps nagging at me. Sorry mommy, me so busy. Wake up>work>had nothing to do>go back>sleep. It’s scheduled. Ugh. I’m tired.

muka ceria nak blik kg

Being at home was so wonderful, I told daddy to pick me up with his bike, since I don’t have much stuff carried along. It was so cool that morning, makes me hugs my daddy’s back tightly. Hihi.

Soon as I have arrived, I gave a little surprise to mommy, by giving her stuff she really needs. Haha. Glad to see her wide smile. We start gossiping (yes, early in the morning!) then I took my 20 minutes not so cool nap then mommy woke me up. Its girl’s day out. I know it is one of the things mommy love to do. In fact, that’s why she told me to come home.
I reaaaaalllllyyyy understand my mom.

yummehh! Breakfast!


same hearts, same habits, same slippers too!

heart deep deep =P

texting siapa Umi??

Sophia's little pet

PP the tortoise

mom's gift (silver+pearl)

Mommy treat me breakfast on Sunday!

Time flies. After one night stay at home, I had to rush back to KL. It’s okay as long as I can make my family happy. Hihi. Uh-oh, since I had my pay @ my allowance, I gave my siblings ang-pow! Haha. I gave to daddy and mommy also, of course they were reluctant, (not huge amount) but I insist. At last, mommy take it, I can see tear in her eyes, makes me wonder what she thinks. Come on mommy, nothing much la. Haha. Boleh beli kuih je pun. Kahkahakha.

I think I learnt something. Our parents would be the happiest person even if we gave them 10sen from what we earn. 10sen from us had more value than RM10, 000 that they can earn themselves. Especially when we gave it by hand. We can see how glad they are. Yes, they will refuse to accept anything from us, since I know they were sincere in bringing us up, does not hoping for any return from us, but still if we have an awareness of how they raise us, it should not be a problem for us to reward them; either with money, success or anything that makes them feel appreciated.

(Mommy insists to reload for me, the money I gave her. It’s like she’s my banker, holding mine and give it back to me when I need it.LOL. I guess mommy will only keep huge amount for herself. DIE. Haha)

Dear Abah and Ummi, my world’s best parents. If one day someone drag both of you to read this (must be Along), glad you to know that both of you are the best in the universe. You raise me up very well; give everything that I need, completing my life. You were the most loyal ones, to be beside me during my ups and downs, thick or thin. I owe you a lot! No words can describe how deep I love you both. You were my soul, daddy and mommy. No matter how much I love other people, I promised you that love would never be the same as my love for you. Really, no words can describe how lucky to have you as parents. May Allah bless you both always and may the happiness remain with us forever. Thank you for bringing me to the world. Love Abah and Ummi.
Love, Angah.

Can’t wait for the next family trip. Hoyeahhh. =)


p/s: Abah dah paham sangat, kalau lengkap kitorang (Umi and me) memang selalu lesap la.. sebulu sangatt. haha. Bak kata dia, "dua beranok ni jadi sokmo!" =P

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