Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Engagement (wrap up)


Phew. While writing this entry, I am already someone’s fiancée! Wee, I’m TAKEN. Haha. Alhamdulillah, after 8 years plus of knowing each other and 5 years of being in an upside-downturn relationship, we finally engaged! It’s not easy to keep the secret, (getting engaged) as I am excited for it since the merisik session on October 27th 2012. Phew. I do feel excited about getting engaged but at the same time I could not believe that I am a step closer to marriage. Nay! *am still very young*

The plan begins when I had kinda serious arguments with him where I love to use “well, I am not anyone to you, not your fiancée neither your wife” excuse whenever we fight. Haha.  So I think, he might feel depressed about it and that’s why he make a decision to tie-the-knot. Actually, he wants it to be after Aidilfitri last year, but after few discussion, 10th February is the date. Hew. So, during Aidilfitri, we went for the ring fitting. Haha. His family came for not-so-called merisik session on 27th October  where the families (mine and him) discuss about this matter. Merisik ring? I don’t have it as my mum said what important is engagement ring.
*sheesh, kalau tak dah ada dua cincin.kehkeh*

We both were busy, he was working and I’m taking my final exams! While he’s enjoyed doing nothing for that E-Day (left everything to his family), I was busy too, googling for some information of what should I prepared and fighting with the exam. Tell you what; my life that time is super duper messy. It’s his entire fault. *sigh* until I feel like giving up and I don’t wanna get engaged!! LOL. After final exam, I had tiny times to get everything on the line. Hantaran, door gift, outfit. It’s not easy to do last minutes preparations. For hantaran, mum let me choose anything I want for him. So, its 9 dulang from me, berbalas 7 from him. Hew.

He gave me 7 dulangs; Nikah Attire, Cake, Chocolate, Terengganu Silk, Sirih Junjung & Ring, Towel and Fruits. 9 dulangs from me included Nikah Attire & Swiss POLO T, Perfume (Unisex), Cuppies, Fruits, Sirih Junjung, Chocolates (Ferrero Rocher and Whittaker’s), Alain Delon Belt and Wallet Gift Set, Sejadah and Tafsir Quran,Bahulu (sponsored from my auntie).

from him

from me

Yay, from the very beginning I told him I wanna pink. I can see his bit-stress face the first time I told him, but I threaten him, “if not now, it will be the themes for the wedding!” haha, guess what, lajulaju dia angguk setuju. But we did not choose real-pink kemeja for him as I know, he might wear that only once and I decided to choose a bit to the RED colour for him. Me? Am wearing pink yaw!  The pelamin also pink + white and his family choose pink + black.

My family were busy a month before the majlis. We had our house to be renovated, pasang kanopi, angkut kerusi meja semua as we are going to accept a rombongan of more than 70 people! There’s a lot, semua orang cakap macam tu. Dah macam nak kahwin, and on the day, dapat dengar suara orang-orang terkejut tengok rombongan. “oh, ramainyaaaaa”. True. Ramai sangat, selalu bertunang dalam 5 cars cukup kan? Tapi ni, 16 cars! *fainted* Tak muat rumah, ramai duk luar, intai celah tingkap. Haha. well, he is the oldest in the family, semua teruja.

I bought hantaran 2 weeks before majlis and left it home as mum said she’ll take care of it dengan kawan-kawan yang selalu buat gubahan. When she tell me everyting’s ready, ribbons, flowers, etc, I felt relieved. Tapi malam tu, saje buat hantaran last minute, bunga tak cukup, dulang tak cukup. Adoii, kata semua expert, tapi macam mana?? Stress di malam itu sampai ternangis bimbang hantaran tak jadi. But then, Alhamdulillah, everything can be solved. I felt blessed! Moral : Jangan last minute!!

In the morning, I help everyone with their works; gotong royong, bancuh air, kacau orang, hehe. Well, they did it for me, so I cannot just sit still in my room waiting for MUA to come. That’s really not me. Sampai bila MUA dah datang pun, saya belum mandi. Haha. MUA I olls tu official MUA for Terenggau Kita (TV3). Hehe. Tapi muka I nampak garang sangat lepas mekap plus tebal so I don’t really like it. Hewhew. Dalam pukul 3, rombongan sampai, maka terletak la sebentuk cincin di jari ini. Gitu. Haha. And my fiancée keep reminds me to wear my ring! Ohh, even my mum know I could not bear all the accessories. Urgh. Oh ya, rombongan memang ramai, sampai family saya terkejut. Hihi.

rombongan cik kiah dah sampaii

*dua-dua nervous*

dia??? makan kat luar


*eh, ada yang mengintaii!*

the ring

door gift yang saya tempah

candy buffet tak jadi..haha

beloved Abah! *hugs*

Ummi tercinta! Muahhh

 Sebenarnya saya ada my own photographer, (not official) tapi bila orang sibuk capture every moments, mana pergi ntah dia..geram betul..banyak gambar tiada dengan saya, sobs. 

 Alhamdulillah, after everything, we finally get engaged. So lepas ni tak boleh dah guna ayat “saya bukan tunang awak “ lagi dah everytime we had war. Err, tapi still boleh guna “saya bukan isteri awak la!” haha. Kann?


Belum putuskan lagi..:)

Bye :)

p/s: seronok sebab semua ahli keluarga ada, including my brother yang asalnya tak boleh balik sebab kerja kat Sabah. He came home a day before the majlis, huhu.

without my beloved family, semua ni takkan berjalan dengan lancar.
*hugs everyone*

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