Friday, 22 February 2013

My Darling Niece!

It’s Friday and I am on LEAVE! Huyohh, currently stranded at my sister’s place in Seri Kembangan. Oh yeah, why on leave? It’s like this: all interns in my place are entitled for one day PAID LEAVE per month. Huehue. So, since after this I’ll be taking 2 days leave to see the advisor starting March which clearly means that one day is PAID the other day is UNPAID. So now for February, since I don’t have to see the advisor yet, so am taking benefit of it! Haha. Saje la, dah dia bagi rehat, jom kita rehat.

Here at my sister’s, of course I’m surrounded by two little munchkins! Rafique and Raina! Today, gonna tell about my darling niece, Rara the big baby! Rara has turn one earlier February. She is now about 10kg plus, and now she starts to walk. Jalan, jalan, jatuh. Gittew. MasyaAllah, she ates a lot too! Chocolates, cakes, cendol, nasi, it. Everything!her momma spends more than RM200 per month for her Enfagrow A+. And yes, she grow up very well, worth it. Right now, she is besides me (well sometimes in front of me) just to grab my attention and also she wanna types too!

Rara sekarang dah pandai sangat, once we scold her, she will make that innocents faces and force us to kiss her! She’s too adorable. Kalau dulu dia selalu kena  buli dengan Rafique, sekarang since she is about the same size with his brother, Rafique pula kena buli sampai menangis. Kalau rebut barang, jangan harap la Rafique menang, Rara lagi hebat.

One thing about Rara, she loves to smile. Everytime she see the camera, she will put that wide smile on her face and it’s very hard to see her grumpy face. Kalau makan atau minum pula, dia akan nganga mulut sampai pejam mata. Padahal nak suap straw je pun dalam mulut dia. Haha.

Here comes this adorable darling! Raina Az Zahra.
 (I’m tired of typing sambil Rara sibuk jugak nak tekan. Heh)

and my handsome nephew, Rafique Anaqi

Dearest Rafique & Rara baby,
 please grow up well and be a good person.
You both don't know how much love I have for you.
Auntie love you sayangs!

p/s: pics are from my sis FB. hehe.


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