Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Quick Update#4: From Singapore to AYAM


Ok, this is really a quick update :p

Last night I had Singaporean Dishes for dinner.
Amboi jauhnya, mana datang ni?
Diyana's mom singgah kat AYAM bawak ni semua, from Singapore. 

Murtabak and karipap
they called it karipap, eh?
Murtabak Singapore
 They are all awesome and kitorang kenyang sangatt. hehe, Alhamdulillah.
Oh, when I spotted 'mutton' word at the murtabak wrapping, I become suspicious. Ni kalau tak tahu, saya bantai je makan, but since I know that it was mutton=daging kambing, i should be careful. Haha. I asked D whether they used kambing also for that beriani, but D said it was a beef and give me a try. Carefully I took the smallest pieces of 'beef' and guess what? I know what beef taste like. Dushhhh! So I had my beriani without that 'beef' but still they are delicious. Thumbs up!

I had try their murtabak once last semester but by that time I could not differentiate the taste of beef and mutton. Plus, they used daging hancur, so tak rasa sangat macam that real one from beriani. Haha! Even though it is a word 'mutton' on the wrapper, D tell me it was a beef. Ok, and i had half of them! Phew. I end up could not sleep last night sebab kepanasan. Well I think D cheat on me, it's really a MUTTON!  like how she make me turn around and add few more murtabak to me. How come I cannot realize it? hmm, not sure too. Well done D, you did it well! haha. for that rectangle karipap, I warned her earlier that I don't want to eat 'beef' karipap. Hehe. So I ate chicken karipap!

I told ya this gonna a short update but...hmmm, sokay la next time i will make it very short! haha!

oh, wait! Today's dinner, I had nasi dengan kerabu daging which was super ohsem! hehe. The picture itself describe it well. And it comes from Thai, I mean, Masakan Thai. hehehe 


ps: kenapa ye, kalau tak tau boleh je makan, tapi kalau tau, memang tak nak makan, psikologi tu,,haha!
weee, exam pulak, 2 dah lepas, 3 lagii..yayyy! SM oh SM..hmmm

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