Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Annoying things!

okayy, this is the third time i'm typing the same entry, urghhh.

since we had a long distance relationship, handphones are the most important devices that make us feel connected. we call each other regularly and sometimes one minute conversation is considered okay when he is busy.

just now my sister give me her thoughts:
"dont you think he will feel annoyed with you, calling him all the times?"
plus, "i tell you, this kind of very mesra way relationship will no longer exist once you got married to him"

okayy sis, since you had ate garam earlier than me, then you have succesfully makes me think a lot!
yep, i'am easily being influenced!

so, to make things clear, i asked him directly..
"do you feel annoyed everytime i called and text you?"
"nope, why do you ask that?"
"Along kata, men easily get annoyed with stuff like that and he will no longer entertain your calls after the marriage, is it true?"
"nope, trust me, i wont let it happen"

so now, i trust him.
well at least lets hope he will entertain my calls forever.haha.

Along ni, suka buat cerita yang berbaur ugutan,
padahal jealous la tu, 


#Along annoyed me more! ughughugh

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