Saturday, 1 December 2012

Oh My Boy!

Phew. (=.=’)
Still awake.
Assignments of course. Alhamdulillah it is done. For tonight. Heh

Had a conversation earlier with him about ‘dulang hantaran’ and ‘par’. 

Me: I want to rent ‘dulang hantaran’ for our majlis. (probably in 4 years time)
Him: Huh? Nak letak apa? Kan nanti semua letak atas par? (other word is pahar, I guess)
Me: That ‘dulang’ will ganti things yang u cakap ‘par’ tu la..
Him: Meaning, sewa??
Me: Yup, after majlis, u take all of them home then later you return that ‘dulang’ to me.
Him: Ohh..haha, eh, tapi ‘dulang hantaran’ yang awak maksudkan camne? ‘par’ tu pulak camane?

Haishh..i thought he knows the 'par' things that he was mumbling about..
buat penat bebel je..

this is what i'll be looking for

and boy, this is what u call 'par'

like talking to the 3 years old boy.

note: we (actually me) love to talk about things that brings me away from reality (the marriage, etc = verangan)  and he never stopped me to do that. instead, sekali ngan dia ke awan. haha. 

#both pics are stolen from google

mornite! :) 

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