Saturday, 1 December 2012

Misi Gagal

Hello Deligtful December! (hopefully)

Supposed that I’ve started my diet today. NO RICE. Of course, that is a LIE. I do not realize why I went to the food court earlier. 

“Abg, nasi kukus satu, kari asingkan eh”. Choosing the biggest part of ayam goreng, (look, this is DIET?!) I was walking happily to my room. Till I text him : ‘boleh tak nak makan nasi, saya baru beli td’.

 I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW that he’s laughing at me. Everytime I told him I wanna DIET, he is the person yang sangat tak yakin. Fine. So of course he did reply me like this: ‘ok, makan la before 8. Ada masa lagi ni’. I felt, oh takde bantahan. Sedap sikit hati ni. Haha. Konon buat rasa bersalah lagi : Alaaa, nak diet mmg kena elak nasi ke? (it was me yang beria nak diet without nasi before, but sekarang, GOYAH). His replied make me certain that I can eat my nasi kukus happily. ‘tak semestinya, tapi no heavy food after 8 is the best’. So, yayy, makan time! Keh3

I stared at my nasi kukus, ‘why you sold me this abg?’ salahkan penjual pulak. First, I divide my nasi kukus into two parts, my intentions was to eat only half of that which is I was successful. BUT, looking at the left one, I felt guilty. ‘nasi kena makan habis,kesian dia nanti dia nangis’. Tiba-tiba dengar suara tuk wan pulak. Tak boleh jadi ni, plus the kari today was sooo goooddd, I finished it all. HAHA.

Poor me, macam mana ni.. I have to take this DIET matter seriously. There’s not much time left. I’ll try harder tomorrow la. Phew. I promise it will not gonna be like today.



Babai L

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