Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Who are you?

Who are you to scold me?

Hello, even my dad never scolds me. Tak pernah meninggikan suara pun pada saya. (I miss Abah). Even if I wrong, correct me. Tell me what is right. Never scold me please, because everytime you did that, I keep it to my heart. Sooner or later, when the times arrive, it will explode. There you wait!  Be my bestfriend, like what my mum did. (mothers’ love is the greatest)

Who are you to judge me?

Everything I did is wrong. Yes, WRONG from your point of view. My thoughts, my actions, totally rubbish. Wrong. I can’t understand. How can I make you agree with me? Could you please consider my thoughts rather than saying “stop talking rubbish” or “stop thinking nonsense”. Saya mungkin diam lepas tu, tapi saya sebenarnya PENDAM. (nak buat topic khas pasal ni nanti)

Who are you to bring up the past?

Why you always relate things with the past? Is that because you want me to feel bad? Macam awak tak pernah salah kan? Never belittle me. Past is history, today is reality. Could you please accept that? Let bygone be bygone. Huh

Saya bukannya jenis tak boleh terima teguran, tapi kalau cara teguran tu macam nak condemned people, sure la saya geram. That’s not the best way. 

Think before you act, watch your words when you angry because it might hurt me A LOT! ( I wonder why you get angry easily nowadays, overloaded work? Come on, quit job, please get back to normal. My used to be MR COOL) ohh, I miss my MR COOL. Benci la. Haih. =(

Saya pun cepat melenting, kuat merajuk dan macam-macam lagi tapi saya try to reduce it. Well, practice makes perfect, but nobody’s perfect. So, why PRACTICE?? Hmmmm..

P/S: Quotes, saying, never fails to motivate me. i just love them =) credit to google!

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